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Three recommended manufacturers of double power supplies] Portable power supplies have a variety of uses, such as countering the recent rise in electricity costs, preparing for disasters, and being used outdoors. Additionally, with the relaxation of self-restraint due to the coronavirus and the number of people going out and traveling further, there has been a rapid increase in the number of people turning to portable power sources. “I know it would be nice to have a portable power source, but which one should I choose?” For those of you who are like this, I would like to introduce the portable power sources that I researched, and from my perspective, “I can recommend this one!” I would like to introduce three manufacturers. *Comparison is based on products around 1000Wh. [Three recommended manufacturers of portable power supplies] 1. Jackery (USA) The first recommendation is Jackery from America! Jackery is synonymous with portable power supplies! Jackery official website: https://www.jackery.jp/ The Plus series is a lithium iron phosphate portable power supply that uses the latest lithium iron phosphate battery and has a long lifespan of over 10 years


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