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Few things to note down about our sponsored activities:

  1. We endorse what we use and love by heart. We endorse what we definitely want others to try out as it has made an impact in our lives. You will find complete detail of why we are endorsing and recommending a specific brand/product. So, you can take an action accordingly.
  2. Based on our expertise and knowledge on the subject, we may review several products. But that does not mean that we are recommending them. You will find our recommendations clearly written.
  3. Any advertisements that you may notice on our website will be the brand/product we absolutely endorse because we not just like them, but love them. Otherwise, we do not do any forms of advertisements on our website/blog.
  4. Our ideology is our readers/community first then anyone else.

If this is not enough info for you, let us try to describe a bit more about us and the author and his troubled lifestyle.


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