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Android Headlines has been one of the leading sources of Android news for the Android and tech community since 2010.  The internet is now full of blogs providing bite-sized information on niche areas and although this is great for those who want to stay informed about certain bits of technology, it’s not so great for those looking for a fuller picture. Technology has massively changed over the years and with everything now connected, Android Headlines believes it’s better to be informed on everything connected. So here at AH you will find articles on just about every aspect of technology, including Android, Google, Smartphones, Chromebooks, Tablets, Apps, Games, Smart Home, 5G and IoT, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Audio and Visual, Self-driving Cars and the latest emerging tech and more.


Regular content is $399.99 per article and if we write the content the price is $699.99.

Pricing is at $799.99 if pre-written and $1099.99 if we write the content.

  1. content the price is $699.99 for normal content, Gambling Related / Crypto Pricing is at $699.99 if pre-written and $999.99 if we write the content. These are reseller prices if you charge your clients more that is up to you but we offer no discounts unless you purchase in bulk quantity in advance of 10-20% depending on order size.


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