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About Us

Mint is an award-winning business publication from India, held in high esteem by the country’s business leaders, founders, and policymakers. We enable decision makers around the world to make sense of one of the world’s fastest growing major economies.

Mint was founded on February 1, 2007, to serve as an unbiased and clear-minded chronicler of the Indian Dream. Our aim is to be a catalyst for growth and change, partnering with our audiences to think ahead.

Published by HT Media Group, one of India’s largest media and entertainment conglomerates, Mint started its journey with an exclusive collaboration with The Wall Street Journal and was also India’s first newspaper to be published in the Berliner format. Our editorial coverage and style of presentation is noted for its refreshing clarity and accessibility—facets that have redefined Indian journalism. One of the stars in our stable is the weekend magazine, Mint Lounge, which focuses on intelligent lifestyle, fashion, food, books, science, and culture; it has won critical acclaim over the years. Mint Money, our personal wealth brand, also has an ardent following for its distinctive market understanding and perspective. Mint also organizes many reputable events all year round, catering to diverse interests and industries such as public policy, marketing, digital innovation, banking, HR, and startups, and so on.

While Mint was founded as a newspaper and a website, its digital footprint has far exceeded its initial print reach. Our iOS and Android apps and website are the pointy tips of our immersive digital experiences, which include market dashboards and data pages, personalized notifications, daily and weekly videos, and podcasts as well as originally crafted newsletters. These have contributed to Mint’s evolution as a top digital brand.


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